ALWAYS handcrafted


Investing in partnerships that empower communities

We work with family-run businesses, small enterprises and women artisans. We pride ourselves by allowing women to be the top wage-earners of their household. In small Indian towns, this is truly pivotal in growing their self-esteem and standing in the community. This breaks a cycle of poverty and creates a promising future.

Celebrating craft and culture.

All PassionFruit products are handcrafted using traditional techniques and high quality materials. Many of these skills have been passed down through generations and are a part of the history of the people and place.

Ensuring artisans earn a fair, living wage in safe working conditions.

Our products are developed & designed with ethical production techniques and healthy workspaces. These socially and environmentally responsible practices are upheld through our partners by being a member of Sedex and having a Good Weave Certification.

See some of our incredible Artisan partners below.


I'm Karen, the founder of PassionFruit! I've had a passion for home decor for over 30 years. I am driven by a passion for good design and a belief that textiles have the ability to transform interiors and inspire the people within them. We provide fresh and colorful decor for every kind of home. Our goal is to bring the rich cultural textiles of India to you. Our products are ethically hand-crafted, while always being as socially and environmentally conscious as possible. 

Karen // PassionFruit Founder